The Pearl Presents: Hearts Open Wide

Date:Jul 25, 2018 Ages: Price: Type: Location:
September 8, 2018 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Tickets: $12 advance – $15 door – $5 student. Available at Bonners
Books, Mountain Mike’s, online at, or call (208)

26 songs!!! Knock out arrangements. Why aren’t these members of our
very own community already famous? Come for the fun. Leave
revitalized. Fantastic music, decidedly quirky. Toe tap inducing.
Tear evoking. Hand clap mandating.

MUSIC’s played an important part in each of my recent stage productions at
the Pearl. So last winter, I’m brainstorming about some NEW show I might
do, and thinking What next? and I get this idea: how ‘bout ALL SONGS? How
‘bout if I put together a list of songs (songs that have some real meat on
their bones), order them in such a way that they build nicely on each other
(kind of the way the acts in a good play do), use this “bait” to induce a
small group of HUGELY TALENTED MUSICIANS to spend six weeks rehearsing, and
then put the result ON STAGE? How would that be? It seemed clear to me
that IF my fantasy band played this set of songs really good (like I was
fantasizing), this one right after that one, something VERY COOL would
happen during performance. And I was right. You oughta see it.”

Hearts Open Wide is a show you shouldn’t miss.