What the Pearl means to me

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May 2, 2021 — As we await the end of a pandemic and a return to whatever new normal lies ahead, the Pearl Theater board is asking all who have ever experienced The Pearl Theater in Bonners Ferry to share your memories by writing on the theme, “What the Pearl means to me.”

Whether you attended a show at the Pearl or played on Open Mic Night, took part in a Pearl Wine Walk, sat in for Performer’s Circle, attended a wedding … whatever your memory, we’d like you to share so we can all smile and reminisce as we await a return to the new “good old days.”

Send your memories that answer the question, “What the Pearl means to me” via email to Publicity.BF.Pearl@gmail.com, and if you have pictures, share them as well! Your responses may be included here and/or in the new Pearl Theater monthly newsletter.

Mike Weland, Publicity Chair

By Scott Stover

It was February, 2016 when I first heard of The Pearl Theater and decided to attend the open mic. I had moved to Moyie Springs the previous October.

I played three of my own songs. I felt a little rusty, but as soon as I sat down, the open mic host, Mike Meier, walked up to me, handed me a card, and said, “Give me a call. We’re always looking for talent.”

I thought to myself, “Wow! — So I had to come all the way to Bonners Ferry, Idaho, in order to be ‘discovered’!”

Over the next year or so, I attended numerous shows, open mics, and performers’ circle events. I began to offer myself as a volunteer.

Then Diana and I were asked to host the open mic, which we did for about two years. The Pearl became one of the hubs that our life revolved around. I joined the board of directors and began to recognize the “Spirit of the Pearl” – a feeling of welcome, of inclusion, of camaraderie … of love – that was obvious to me every time I walked through the doors.

This spirit emanated from the building, the people and the events. Its energy was quietly there during the intimate times when I was alone in the building, but it was especially strong during the events. I began to feel an ownership … or maybe stewardship is a better word – toward The Pearl and all that it stood for.

I wanted to give back to The Pearl what The Pearl had given to me.

The “Spirit of the Pearl” is real. It’s the result of much giving by many good-hearted, talented people. Patrons feel it. Performers feel it. Volunteers not only feel it, but they help create it.

To me, The Pearl is a many-faceted manifestation of love.